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Inglot Duraline product review

As a die-hard mixer and blender, I’m always on the lookout for good mixing mediums and somehow Inglot Duraline had evaded me, until now.

Inglot Duraline
Inglot Duraline


After experimenting with it for a few days, I decided it is a good addition to my kit. The best thing about it: the tiniest drop will instantly revive dried up gel liner (these dry up so fast, I throw away loads barely used!) and turns loose pigments and shadows into an intense, waterproof and resistant eye paint.

Keep in mind though, as with most mixing medium, putting it directly into your pressed shadow pan will alter the shadow’s texture and eventually render it useless. So, if you choose to use it with pressed shadow, I recommend you scrape a little shadow on to a palette and do your mixing this way instead.

I have heard others recommend it as an eyeshadow base but I don’t find this to be an interesting use of Inglot Duraline.


  • great for reviving gel liners
  • good mixer for pigments and loose shadows
  • crease & smudge proof
  • waterproof
  • well sized for kit
  • paraben free
  • cruelty free
  • good value


  • slow to dry
  • silicone based*
  • lid seems fragile


* Silicone is great for texture but I prefer to avoid as much as possible as it is armful to the environment.