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Tips for efficient kit repacking.

Other MUA often comment at how compact my kit. I’m a minimalist and I like to fit it all in a small carry-on size suitcase. I make this happen by packing specifically for the job and above all, repacking as efficiently as possible.

Foundations, lotions and other liquids go into small soft plastic 1 or 2 oz  press top bottles similar to these :


Empty bottles for liquid makeupPress top bottles for repacking liquid makeup.


Lipsticks, cream colours, cream foundations and concealers go into deep well palettes. You can get this 24 well palette for only $5 and with the rounded bottom no product gets wasted in corners.


Palette for cream makeup. Perfect for cream products.



To organise pigments neatly and prevent spills from getting all over your kit (you know how much of a pain that is!), this sweet case including 20 stackable jars is just ideal at less than $4.

case with stacking jars for makeup pigments

Case with stacking jars to store makeup pigments.


Happy repacking and enjoy your lighter, more compact kit!