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September Makeup Challenge

September is in many respect, the start of a new year. With renewed energy we go back to school, return to work and head into fashion week ready to blaze the way.

In this spirit, I would like to propose a challenge.

For the entire month of September let’s all give up the duckface selfie with winged eyeliner, cut crease and 16 colours of eye shadow in favour of bright new creative ideas. Let’s go beyond, push ourselves, venture out of our comfort zone and try something we’ve never done before. We will inundate all social medias with beautiful new designs all our own.

We’ll all benefit from the experimentation and renewed inspiration.

Are you game?



Poor Yves…

Yves Saint Laurent was the first Label I knew by name, the first label I could recognise and the first label I loved. As a teen I dreamed I’d be a grown up the day I had a Yves Saint Laurent smoking and a good party to wear it to…


YSL by Helmut Newton           manson-saint-laurent--300x380

Yves Saint Laurent by Helmut Newton            Saint Laurent by Hedi slimane


The recent disfigurement of the brand breaks my heart a little.

I know, I know… It’s totally not PC to voice such a harsh opinion publicly and some PRs are not going to like it one bit but seriously, it’s got to be said. Now please, somebody, make it stop!

Tips for aspiring makeup artists.

Every week I receive multiple messages from people wanting to become makeup artists. While I understand the need for guidance, the volume of emails and the length of questions make it impossible for me to answer each and every message individually. Hence this post, which I hope will answer your most frequent questions.

After “How do I become a makeup artist?” the question I get asked most often is “Should I go to makeup school?”. The short answer: maybe. A more detailed answer depends on who you are and what you want to do.

Makeup school is a big investment of time, energy and money and it will not entirely prepare you for the day-to-day of the job.

Considering the high cost of longer courses, all the supplies you’ll need to buy and the low wages you’re likely to earn in your first few years as a makeup artist, you could carry this schooling debt for quite some time.

If you want to do FX makeup than I’d say schooling is essential to master all the techniques involved. But if you’re thinking of a career in the fashion industry, my opinion is that a short, 150 hours max, makeup artistry fundamental course, is all you really need. And only if you have limited previous knowledge of makeup and are someone who learns best in an academic environment. In most other circumstances, I believe you would be better off skipping beauty school in favour of apprenticing with senior artists. As most craft, fashion makeup is best learned by direct transmission.

After your short course and/or several months of apprenticing, when you have a firm grasp of basic techniques, you might want to round out you learning experience by attending workshops on specific subjects of interest to you. Fashion is ever-changing and hopefully you will never stop learning.

Of course you will want to practice your new skills. A lot. Then will come time to build your portfolio, make contact with photographers and start building your clientele.

Keep in mind that on top of makeup skills, you will also require many often overlooked business competences essential to succeed such as : communication and negotiation skills, organisation, time management, basic administration & accounting, promotion, business strategy, business social networking etc… You can’t for a minute dream of dumping these responsibilities on future agents, accountants or other professionals! You would be severely disappointed by the outcome.

Bottom line, you don’t need do go to beauty school to become a fashion makeup artist, but you do need to learn how to work as a professional makeup artist and that you certainly won’t learn on YouTube!

Fashion makeup artistry is by far the best job in the world but regardless of what you may have seen on reality TV, success does not come overnight and it is not all glamour & drinking champagne in the back of limos with celebs. Makeup is a job. Be ready to work hard and long at it.

I wish you the best of luck in this wonderful new adventure.

Liya Kebede new ambassador of L’Oréal Paris

I’m so psyched about this! For years I’ve been saying high and loud that Liya has all it takes for a major beauty campaign and finally it’s happened. Well done L’Oréal Paris and congrats Liya!

Liya Kebede © L’Oréal

Because we just don’t need fur!

In this day and age there’s really no reason at all to use makeup brushes made of animal fur. The quality of synthetic fibers has come such a long way I’d say cruelty-free brushes equal and often surpasse old fashion animal fur brushes. Ask your favourite makeup retailer for quality cruelty-free brushes or visit one of these companies for top quality products.

EcoTools is an eco-conscious cosmetic company with good brushes and a great philosophy.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics for  100% Vegan professional makeup brushes.

Crazy busy!

Sorry for the radio silence guys, I’ve been so busy I just haven’t had time to blog.

The last few days I’ve been surrounded with cool new products doing research for the upcoming Annabelle cosmetics campaigns and product launch photo shoot. I love doing research. Playing with brand new stuff all day and coming up with creative ideas, so much fun! Sorry, can’t post photos, this stuff is…

For the French Vogue junkies amongst you…

The French Vogue iPad App is now available!

The new web experts

Gotta love them… They’re just so adorable!

Dior Dismisses Galliano

john galliano

That must make for one brutal hangover!… Will his own label survive the blow? That remains to be seen.

NARS Cosmetics Spring 2011 Makeup Collection

I just LOVE the new Nars visual for their gorgeous Spring 2011 collection. Model Iris Strubegger looks fantastic! Sexy, powerful and gutsy. What do you think?

NARS Cosmetics Spring 2011 Makeup Collection

The collection’s colours are beautiful, fun yet wearable. Summer will be all about strong colours and they’re right on with the trend. I predict that their beautiful bronze “Desperado”polish will be one of the must have this summer!