Cleaning your brushes in a more eco-friendly way.

I make conscious choices at work every day. I strive to minimise, choose wisely what I buy, reduce packaging, use cruelty free as much as possible but one thing was getting on my nerves: my brush cleaning process at work.

The cleaner part I’d already solved by replacing the chemical solvent based one with my own made of natural ingredients. But the amount of paper towels that ended up in the trash each day, that wasn’t working for me.

I tried the black hand towel solution which many MUA use but I didn’t like carrying and washing a towel everyday for just a small corner being used and, this is the lame part of me, I don’t like the way it looks as fades overtime. So, I found an other solution which suits me better.

Here’s what I do. I buy 100% natural sponge cloths which I cut into 4 equal parts, perfectly sized for a day’s use, and throw them in the wash when I get home. As simple as that!

Sponge cloth for on-set brush cleaning.

Sponge cloth for on-set brush cleaning.

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  • Sara  On October 9, 2014 at 07:16

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    Congratulations keep going you are amazing!!

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