The price of beauty

I remember a few year ago when the first $300 face cream hit the marked. It made so much noise! Everybody had something to say about it…   $300 for a beauty cream Oh my!!!  

Meanwhile, status beauty products have up their game to stay on top. This weekend I came across a “faaabulous!” new product which retails for $1500 per 12 ml. This super deluxe magic potion promises to give you “increased glow, robust appearance and a smoother, more even skin tone with reduced redness”, so basically a healthy milkmaid look. Crazy to think that the Madison Avenue ladies are willing to dish out this sort of money to look like healthy country girls, but then again…

My guess is that at that price, your basic skin’s need isn’t really your top priority. You’re buying dream. And for that of course, there’s Master Card.

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